For the love of food

Eating together

My whole life I have always enjoyed food and the way it brings people together. If you look at any type of social gathering, there will always be food involved. I love how certain food pertains to holiday's and cultures as well. It's amazing when you realize how something so simple as food, can have a lasting impact on a group of people. When I make little desserts for my friends it always makes them feel loved and appreciated. If one of my friend's buys my food for me at a restaraunt, it makes me feel the same. Food is essential for the need to survive, but it is much more when you look at how it always has a way to feel connected.

Growing up my dad taught me how to cook on the weekends. It was something that brought us closer and a way for us to bond. He would teach me recipes that were passed down to him through his mom and grandma. I felt a connection through the meal and the valuable time I got to spend with him. Ever since then I have loved looking up recipes and trying them out myself with my own style. It's cool the way you can take a recipe and make up your own rules along the way to create something unique to yourself. You can control what goes in and out, which is why you can have a clear mind about what you're eating because you know exactly what went into it.

I am fortunate enough to have gone to some of the best restaraunts. The best places to eat are always the local restraunts and food trucks. I have noticed that a local place always serves you something that is close to their heart and what they represent. You meet families who have owned that restaurant through many generations and people who saved up their whole life to have the opportunity to share their food. I have repsect for people that take time to get the freshest ingrediants and put love into what they are making. Life is all about doing what you can to be happy, and food is always there to take that spot.

Here are some of my favorite meals I cook