Makeup products

I have always loved playing with makeup since I first discovered it in sixth grade. I was curious about it because I would watch my sister put on mascara everyday and it always made her look so pretty. My oldest sister taught me how to put on the mascara and I have been in love ever since. When I was first messing around with makeup I just put on as much as I could without actually worrying about whether it looked good or not. I just wanted to have fun with it. I would wake up early everyday just so I could have enough time to play with my makeup before I had to go to school.

When I got my license I was finally able to drive and go buy my own makeup. I would get bright eyeliners and eyeshadow because it was so much fun to create whatever look I wanted even if I was just going to wipe it off before I went in public. It always fascinated me how everyone's face looks like a work of art with makeup on. You can alter or brighten your face any way you want. That's what appealed to me the most, the fact that I had the power to use the makeup how I wanted with no boundaries. It can sound kind of silly, but I have always looked at it as an art form.

When I started high school, it became a whole new level because my friends and I started doing makeup looks on each other. We were able to teach each other different tricks we had and products we loved. It was something I always looked forward to when having my friends over. I became in love with beng able to bring out confidence in my friends with a touch of blush or powder. We would all start watching youtube videos about how to do crazy looks and would attempt to do it ourselves. It will always be something I love to do and am passionate about. I am always searching for new products to use and looks to wear.

Here are some of my favorite makeup products

  1. Urban Decay Setting Spray
  2. Born This Way foundation
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzer
  4. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder
  5. Mac Cosmetics lip liners